Google My Business Management Service for Small Businesses

A Google My Business listing gives your small business – and any type or size of business – its own dedicated and critical presence in Google search. When viewed from desktop, a Google My Business listing takes up the right third of the screen. A listing includes the business name, website, address and phone, map location (and/or service area), photos and videos, reviews, and about section, plus additional features (if used) like a business’s services or products.

Google My Business listing in desktop search

Further, there’s a good chance that even if you haven’t claimed and verified your small business’ Google My Business listing, there’s a listing on Google in your business’ name. So out of concern for reputation management alone, you’ll want to make sure that you have ownership and control over your Google My Business listing.

Google My Business Management Service for Small Businesses

Google My Business Management Service for Small Businesses

Your Google My Business listing is your chance to tell Google exactly what your small business is all about, who your ideal clients are, what services or products you sell, what geographic areas you serve, plus share links, photos, and videos related to your business. With the shuttering of Google+ Pages, which were Google’s attempt at a social network (of sorts), Google My Business listings grew out of what most saw as a merger of core features of Google Places and Google+ Pages. If you recall, before Google My Business listings existed as we know them now, brick and mortar businesses previously had a Google Maps location (Places) listing notated with the red, upside down, tear-drop-shaped marker.

Google Places map marker

And now in addition to this standard map-related location information, your Google My Business listing gives you the opportunity to enhance that basic small business info with very social media-type elements like publishing posts, showcasing your services or products, and uploading photos and videos. This also means unlimited opportunities to continue to “tell” Google all about your small business.

Just like we offer management of the major social media platforms, we can also manage your small business’ Google My Business listing for you. Keep reading below for full details.

What’s Included in our Google My Business Management Service

  • Write and publish Google Posts to your Google My Business listing. Posts to include a relevant image, text, and call to action button set.
  • Upload photos and videos (as provided by the client or created for other social media platforms and reused) uploaded to the Photos tab of your listing.
  • Photos to be geotagged at or near your location before upload.
  • Write and publish Google Event Posts as needed.
  • Reply to Reviews as needed and per client instructions.
  • Add new services or products to your Services or Products sections as needed.
  • Have more than 1 location for your small business? No problem! The work done for 1 listing can be replicated for any additional business locations.

Additionally, if you haven’t already claimed and verified your Google My Business listing, or haven’t completely filled out all of the relevant fields, we can handle the listing setup and verification, and optimization work for you.

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