Small Business Social Media Management Services

While some small businesses want training on social media best practices for their employees in order to keep that task in-house, other companies prefer for the seasoned social media marketers to do what they know well, and have their social media presence managed for them. We approach each client’s social media efforts in the same way we approach our own: to build a targeted audience of engaged users through posting relevant content and interacting with other platform users. Learn more about our small business social media management services below.

Small Business Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management for your Small Business

Our Approach to Social Media Management

  • Establishing a social media presence is never going to be achieved with 1 tweet a day or 1 post a week. Our small business social media management services include a dedicated amount of time spent each day on your small business’ platforms. You’ll always know exactly what you are getting from us.
  • We believe that you are better off doing more with lessWe will never pressure you to be all places on the internet. For small businesses, you simply cannot be effective if you are spread thinly across 4 or 5 social media platforms. You’ll be more effective with your social media if you fully maximize 1 or 2 platforms instead of putting in a minimal amount of effort across more.
  • We aren’t like many other social media firms you’ll find. Here are a few examples of how we are different.
  • We don’t require you to provide content to us in order for us to do our job. We also don’t charge you more if you don’t provide us content to post to your social media profiles. Sure, receiving news, updates, photos, and the like from a client greatly improves the effectiveness of our social media efforts, but we realize that part of the reason you are hiring us is because you simply don’t have the time and social media knowledge to search for and create content yourself. If you were able to create, curate and post all the content needed yourself, you wouldn’t need us.
  • The best mix of social media activities for your small business is not going to be the same as the next small business. This is why we don’t sell pre-determined multi-platform service bundles. We’ll talk to you before getting started, and after asking you some questions, we’ll suggest a couple options for moving forward given your industry, the social media profiles you already have set up, whether or not there’s going to be an ads strategy put in place, and your budget.
  • Social media won’t work if you treat it solely as a bull horn to endlessly blast promotional updates. It also won’t work if you ignore questions and comments from your customers. We actively work to engage your audience and respond to questions and direct messages, which builds brand loyalty. Activities like responding to comments and questions, or interacting with your followers is part of what we do; it should never cost extra.
  • We work with you how you need us to. We can get your small business’ social presence started for you to later take over yourself, we can share social media responsibilities with you on an on-going basis, or we can handle all your social media activity on your behalf. Whatever your needs, we’re happy to accommodate.
  • We will never guarantee 10,000 followers in a few weeks. Why? First, because we believe it’s important to grow your following with active, engaged users who are relevant to your business. Second, because the only way to attain an outrageous number of followers in an extremely short period of time is to buy them, which is against the platforms’ Terms of Service and can get your account shut down. Plus, what good does it do your small business if you have thousands of fake followers who will never engage with your social media posts or purchase from you?
  • We will never ask you to sign a contract, keep us on retainer, or commit to a minimum amount of time. We believe when working with small businesses that it’s important to give our clients the flexibility they crave, and without these types of restrictions. Our level of social media management can change as your small business’ needs do.

Small Business Social Media Management Service Options

Because every small business client has their own unique needs and level of desired social media support, our social media management work does not come in pre-set packages.. Clients can utilize our services for a single social media platform, or for several. Also, we can work in tandem with your existing social media efforts if you simply need us to provide some additional updates and interaction on top of what you are currently doing, or share responsibilities by managing the social media platforms you don’t enjoy managing in-house. We can even set up a schedule where you handle the posting and we’ll run your ads for you.

After discussing your social media needs, goals, and budget, we’ll provide 2-3 options for ongoing social media management service levels, and you can select the one that’s the best fit for your needs and budget.

The specific social media platforms that make the most sense for your small business often depend upon your specific industry, customer base, and other marketing assets we have to work with. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons of implementing platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, and YouTube if you aren’t yet sure about what platforms to utilize for your online marketing strategy.

Social Media Platforms We Manage

We offer social media management of these platforms:

Social Media Profile Creation Service

If needed, there is a one-time Social Media Profile build fee for all new social accounts. Set-up of a new social profile will also include:

  • Uploading of a cover image
  • Uploading of a profile photo
  • Claiming a strategic, keyword-rich profile URL or username
  • Completion of all bio, description, contact, and info fields, using relevant keywords throughout for SEO purposes
  • Initial Likes/Follows so you have some initial connections on your new platform
  • Research and use of hashtags and emojis in your bio (when applicable)
  • Account verification (Google My Business, Facebook Business Page, and Pinterest)
  • Setting up initial Pinterest boards, YouTube and Facebook video playlists, Instagram Highlights, and Google Business Profile products or services
  • Initial posts/pins so your new social media profile has some posted activity

Read more about our Social Media Profile Creation service here.

Facebook Business Page Add-ons:

Want to connect with a member of our team to discuss your needs or to learn how you can get started? You can call us at 901-496-3902, email us at, or complete the short form below.

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