Google Plus Profile URL Shortening Tool: PlusG

Whenever a new social media platform hits the scene, many of us rush to sign up, claim our accounts and add it to our already-lengthy list of social media profiles. Google+ has proved no exception this.

However, Google+ is a bit different than most social media profiles in that it does not have a short, easy-to-remember direct URL.

Here’s what the typical Google+ profile URL looks like:


This URL is not something that’s easy to remember, easy to share, nor is it branded.

A tool like PlusG makes it easy to create a much shorter and branded Google+ profile URL, and for free.


All you need to do is choose your desired username, copy and paste the numeric phrase in your existing Google+ profile URL, and a new, shorter and branded Google+ URL will be made.

For example, to connect with me on Google+, follow the link to

Using PlusG also means it’s now easy (and much less cumbersome) for you to add a new Google+ social media icon to your website, update your WiseStamp email signature with your Google+ profile or add your G+ profile URL to your business cards. No need to try to memorize your default URL or visit your profile page in order to copy and paste that long URL.

What do you think of Google+? Will it make the cut as a “must have” on your list of social media platforms?


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