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Along with 8 key blog analytics to know, another valuable piece of knowledge gleaned from your analytics is what affect social media has on your site traffic.


Google Analytics has made it very easy to see just that with its Social reports.

In the left sidebar within your Google Analytics account, navigate to Traffic Sources –> Social.


What Kind of Social Media Referral Statistics Will I Find?

  • Overview The Overview report shows you, among your total social media traffic referrals, which social media platforms send the most traffic your way. For Eli | Rose, Facebook and Twitter are neck-in-neck, with StumbleUpon in 3rd.
  • Sources More information including Time on Site, Pageviews and Pages per Visit are accessible in this view, plus a graph that pairs social media referrals against all traffic.
  • Pages Ever wonder which posts do best via social media? This view shows you the direct URLs of the posts and pages visited via social media referrals.
  • Conversions If you have set up goals relating to social media campaigns, you would be able to access that data here.
  • Social Plugins If you use the Google +1 Button and/or the Facebook Like button, you’d see sharing results here.
  • Social Visitors Flow You can now follow the path of all incoming social media traffic, including the drop offs at each new page visited.


We all are busy people, eager to do more with less time. Looking into your social media traffic analytics can help you to know which social platforms deserve your time.

Which social media platforms send the most traffic your way?

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  1. Brianna

    Facebook and my blog subscribers.


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