LinkedIn enhanced the capabilities of its business pages with the introduction of targeted updates and follower statistics.

LinkedIn Targeted Updates

Now, company page admins can choose between sharing an update with all of the followers of their company, or selecting a smaller, targeted group.

The drop-down box beneath the update area allows you to toggle between All and Targeted followers.


You need to have at least 100 people in your targeted group in order to use this feature. You can target by company size, industry, job function, job seniority and geography.


LinkedIn Follower Statistics

From the main view of your company page, the number of new followers you’ve gained and the percentage increase are both new additions.


As is the tab that reveals Follower statistics.


LinkedIn also added several graphical features to display more information about your followers. You can see breakouts like engagement and follower growth over time.


LinkedIn continues to improve its features and functionality to stay competitive in the ever-changing social world. These new upgrades improve the engagement opportunities for the platform. And the targeted updates – akin to Google Plus Circles and Facebook’s lists – allow for a much-needed segmentation seen on other platforms.

How many companies do you follow on LinkedIn?

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