The Value of Guest Blogging

guest-blogWhether your blog is new or has long been established, one of the best ways to grow your readership and authority is guest blogging. Guest blogging is defined as writing a post that appears on another blog, website or online magazine. What truly is the value of guest blogging and how do you decide if it is right for you?

Build Your Following

Guest blogging puts your content in front of a whole new audience. This gives you an opportunity to show your expertise and build your authority. Be sure that the ways you can be followed are easy to find by including them in a bio at the end of your guest post. This will help you gain new followers and increase the appearance that you are an expert in your field.

Improve Your SEO

Guest blogging allows you the opportunity to improve you SEO by creating links back to your site. Depending on your post topic, you can add links back your relevant posts you have written on your own site. This is a great way to give your site and even specific posts a boost in terms of SEO.

Don’t Overdo It

Many writers, once they get a taste of guest blogging, tend to over indulge in this medium. Consistently sending your readers to other places can be tiresome to them. Additionally, appearing on other sites almost constantly can also give the appearance that you are creating content simply to manipulate your SEO rankings. This strategy should be used in moderation as part of a broader, well-rounded strategy.

There is a great value to guest blogging, especially if it is incorporated into a larger, more robust social media strategy.

Speaking of guest blogging, contact us at Info(at)EliRose(dot)com if you’d like to guest post here.

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  1. Alexandra

    Such true words.

    Guest blogging is fantastic, amazing, in moderation.

    What can happen, and it’s a big social caveat — is this: once you start saying yes, everyone expects a yes. Of course, why wouldn’t they?

    And if you decide to taper back b/c it feels like you’re never at your own blog, people will take your “no” personally.

    You can try to explain that you’re saying no to all offers, but still, the ones getting the no will take it personally.

    Not a pretty picture when we all have to get along. The blogosphere is small…

  2. JDaniel4's Mom

    I have gotten a little carried away and have had to pull back from guest posting. It sure is fun though.

  3. Olivier

    Your post sounds good to me.
    I have one question however : when you say “Don’t Overdo It”, what would be an acceptable ratio ?
    I mean if I post about 1 article per day on my own blog, should I consider 1 guest posting a week as an maximum ?

    • Admin

      Yes, once a week would probably be a good maximum.

      • Olivier

        Thanks for your reply !


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