How to View your Facebook Fan Page’s News Feed

There are some definite differences between Facebook personal profiles and fan pages. For one, terminology is different. Second, fan pages can’t view the status updates nor access profile information on personal profiles unless that information has been specifically made public. Also, personal profiles aren’t meant for things like running contests through a 3rd party app.

Some of the actions you can take with a fan page that are the same as with a personal profile include tagging others in your status updates, editing a comment or update, “Liking” other fan pages, and viewing updates from other accounts you are connected with from your news feed.

Just like how you click the “Home” button at the top right corner of the screen when you want to see your personal Facebook news feed, you can do the same to view all the updates posted by the fan pages that your page has “Liked”. Using Facebook as your page, you can easily comment on, like and share other fan pages’ updates.


Toggle to using Facebook as your fan page.

We hear this question a lot from small business owners. They know that it would be helpful to interact with other pages as their page, but aren’t sure how to easily do so. Accessing the news feed for your fan page makes interacting on Facebook as your brand an easy task.

How often do you use Facebook as your page?

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  1. Brianna

    I’ve never used Facebook as my fan page, but with my first book releasing soon, it’s something I’ve been thinking about. I don’t want to use it that way all the time, but maybe one or two days a week. Thanks for the helpful tips!


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