Using Pinterest to Grow your Twitter Followers & Facebook Fans

A great thing about social media is that if you are connected with someone on one platform, chances are pretty good that it makes sense to connect with them on other platforms, too. If you follow the best practices for Pinterest and fully populate the available fields on all your social profiles, you know how easy it is to find and follow Pinterest users on other platforms as well.

2 Ways to Grow your Twitter & Facebook Followings with Pinterest

1. When you click through to check your pin sources before repinning, be on the lookout for those users’ linked social media icons. If, after perusing that site and its products or recent blog posts, you feel like there is a common interest or two, click on those linked social media icons to connect elsewhere in the social world.


2. Search through those Pinterest users you already follow and notice who has their Facebook and/or Twitter icons displayed. Pinterest makes it easy to not only integrate your Facebook and Twitter profiles with your Pinterest account, but to prominently display those profiles and share your pins to those platforms, too.


There are several social search tools and ways to search within social media platforms in order to find new users to follow. But the benefit of using Pinterest as a starting point is that you are searching within a targeted group of users to begin with, making your search efforts much more relevant and effective.

Regardless of social media platform, how aggressively do you try to find and follow new users?


  1. Brianna

    I probably need to be more aggressive about finding followers/supporters. Ironically, Pinterest is the only place where I have more followers than I’m following. Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all disproportionate amounts.

  2. Mrs. Jen B

    I make it a point to go follow people I’m already connected with elsewhere, but I’m still the sort of Pinterest user who just pins what I like and doesn’t think much more about it.


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