4 Things you Need to Get Started with Social Media

getting-started-with-social-mediaThere are many things you need to get started properly with social media. There are even more things you should NOT do when getting started with social media. However, there are a few things that I’ve recently heard that actual social media experts have been advocating that need to be addressed.

4 Things you Need to Get Started with Social Media

  1. Branded Imagery – We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: branded imagery is important in social media. You need to be sure that the visual representation of your brand presents you to your audience as a business that is as professional online as it is in real life. No one trusts a blank space where a photo goes. At best, it looks like you were too rushed to ever complete your profile. At worst, it looks like you’re a fake profile.
  2. Smart Strategy – There are a lot of get rich quick schemes in the world; why would social media be any different? For example, there are some “experts” and “gurus” out there who will advocate spamming others in an attempt to increase your brand’s social media presence. Ultimately, all this does is annoy your potential audience and customers, and could get your account banned.
  3. A Contact List – When getting started with social media, there’s nothing more beneficial than having an existing list of customers, family and friends to reach out to. These people form your initial base for your brand and can advocate for others to join your page as well. Having a solid base to start with is hugely beneficial in growing your following. Many people are loathe to follow an account that only has 2 followers. This base can make you look as legitimate as you really are.
  4. Patience – There’s no way to make millions over night through social media. The most common way that social media blows up overnight is when there is a massive social media meltdown going on. Or an amazing viral video that was created by your company. For most companies, social media is a way to take a slow and steady approach to show customers who you are. Additionally, this slow and steady approach builds trust with potential customers and lets them see how reliable you are.

Like most things in life, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Don’t fall into the trap of believing someone’s get rich quick tactics just because they call themselves an expert or guru.

Are there any things you would add to this list?


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