3 Things I Would Change about the Facebook Pages Manager App

facebook-pages-manager-appIt seems like smart phones have taken over the world. As a result, most business have scrambled to create a smart phone app. Many business have knocked it out of the park with their apps. Others, like the Facebook Pages Manager App, still have some room for improvement. Here are some features I wish the tool would add.

3 Changes I Want to See in the Facebook Pages Manager App

  1. Stop Notifying Me that I Commented on My Own Page There’s a difference between managing your brand presence and your personal presence. Sometimes, I respond to comments on a page I manage as myself when I have something relevant to say. For what it’s worth, I refrain from being controversial in either instance. However, when I comment as myself on a page I manage, the Facebook Pages Manager app will then send me a push notification that I commented. It is a waste of time to have to go to the page to clear these notifications out. It seems like a simple thing to notify me only of comments that are made by people who do not manage the page.
  2. Displaying Updates Without Delay In addition to notifying me of my own comments, it frustrates me that I often experience a delay in notification when clients post on a brand’s page. The point of push notifications on a smart phone app is so that you can take action quickly. Extensive delays decrease the usefulness of this app.
  3. Displaying Updates, Period When I do get a notification that there is a new comment on a brand’s page, I open the app to check it. If the update has happened on the most recent page I’ve used on the app, I can see that there are new comments but alas, the app will not show me what they are. I have to go to another page, then go BACK to the page that’s had the recent interaction to see what actually happened. Horrific user experience. When I have updates, I’d like to see them without having to jump through hoops.

What issues have you had with the Facebook Pages Manager app? Am I just being over sensitive?

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