Using Social Media to Sell… Without Selling

Recently, I chatted on Twitter with @NWRugs. It’s not the first time I’ve chatted with them, but it was an experience that definitely made me stop and think about their product.

The team at @NWRugs had been doing something simple – asking for feedback. They were working with a client and sent out a few tweets asking for their followers’ thoughts on which rug worked better in a particular space. It was a great move for them for several reasons.




First, they helped their clients. In order to help them make a major design decision, they got others’ thoughts and feedback. This helped the clients make an informed decision about what perception each rug they were considering gave off. If I were choosing a rug, it would help me immensely to get others’ unbiased opinions when deciding between two products I loved.

Secondly, they highlighted their products without being pushy. They took this opportunity to showcase some of their arsenal without screaming “HEY! BUY THIS!“.

They sold without selling. It’s a great tactic and a way to use social media to your advantage.

They also highlighted their breadth of customer service and the reach they have. If you are considering purchasing a rug, you now know how dedicated they are to helping you find the best fit for your home. After all, you’ve seen what they’ve done for others. They then took the time to thank everyone who participated – showing they know the value of following up and building relationships.

Lastly, they made me think about my OWN home and what might need to be freshened up. By giving me a peek into how others are managing their style, they made me think about my own. My dining room sure could use a rug. Again, they started the sales process without using any “hard” sales practices.

When using social media, you can do a lot to start a conversation, highlight your strengths and begin the sales process without being pushy. How have you seen social media used wisely lately?

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  1. Mark

    Thank you so much! It’s such a fun way to assist clients and engage our fans. So glad you liked it and took time to blog about it. All the best. Cheers.


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