Facebook Fan Page: 5 Things you Can’t Ignore

When using Facebook for business, it’s easy to fall into the same patterns you use with your personal profile. It’s important to remember that that your Facebook Fan Page and your Facebook Profile are 2 different presences with different purposes.

5 Things NOT to Ignore with your Facebook Page

Facebook Fan Page 5 Things you Can't Ignore

1. Posting Regularly Sometimes when you’re managing a personal profile and a business page, it’s easy to only post to one. Getting into the habit of ignoring one can be a hard behavior to change. But if you’re going to have a business page, you need to pay attention to it. Setting up a schedule to post with some regularity can help you form a consistent routine.
2. Negative Feedback None of us like to be confronted with less than positive statements about ourselves or our businesses. We almost certainly don’t want less than positive feedback out there for the whole world to see – especially when it might affect our bottom line. Still, negative feedback cannot be ignored. Deleting a negative post can incite the original poster, causing them to post more negative feedback. No one wants to get involved in a flame war. Instead, acknowledge the feedback and ask the person to resolve the issue offline. Plus, and I know this is tough, receiving negative feedback can be a good prompt to evaluate whether there really are areas you can improve. It’s a little silver lining of an unpleasant situation.
3. Messages Facebook messages often come from the people who are looking to ask more specific questions. In many situations, those people are the most likely to convert to sales. Make sure you’re on top of your Facebook messages – letting them linger may mean losing a sale to someone who was more responsive. Plus, Facebook recently rolled out a feature that allows users to see how responsive you are. If you answer 90% of your messages within the first 5 minutes, customers will see that you’re very responsive and may be even more likely to reach out. Win-win.
4. Comments You probably don’t regularly ignore phone calls that come into your store. Similarly you should not ignore comments on your page. They’re great opportunities to build rapport and position yourself as an expert.
5. Advertising options Increasingly, Facebook is a pay to play platform. While organic reach is fantastic, if you truly want to grow your page and conversions, you can’t ignore Facebook’s plethora of advertising options. Facebook targeting allows you to reach not just a LOT of people but the RIGHT people if an ad is run correctly.

Ignoring the more beneficial aspects of any platform can be a detriment to your online presence. If you want to make the most of your Facebook presence, be sure to take care not to ignore these elements.


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