Setting Up your Facebook URL

Have people ever told you it’s next to impossible to locate your Facebook page through Facebook search? Have you ever tried to tag your fan page and haven’t had any luck?

Chances are that you don’t have your Facebook Web Address or Facebook Username (formerly called your Facebook vanity URL) set up for your Facebook page.

How to Claim your Facebook Page URL

The best way to know whether or not you have a web address claimed for your Facebook page is to take a look at your Facebook page when on a browser on your computer, tablet, or phone. If your Facebook page has dashes between words and ends with a random 15-digit number, you do NOT have your Facebook web address set.

Setting up Facebook Web Address

Back in the olden days of Facebook pages, you couldn’t set your vanity URL until you had a minimum amount of fans. Then Facebook changed it so that brand new Facebook pages could set up their Facebook web address when building their page. But if you skipped out on setting up your URL while building your new page (and now have at least 30 fans), or your page has a few years on it and you never knew how to do so back then, you can do it now. Here’s how.

4 Steps to Claiming your Facebook Page Web Address/Username

  1. Start by visiting your Facebook page and clicking on the About tab located underneath your cover photo.Facebook Page About Tab
  2. Click on the Page Info tab on the left.Update Facebook Web Address
  3. [EDIT: in June 2016, your “Facebook Web Address” became “Username”. The steps are still the same, however.] Click to “Enter a Facebook Web Address”. Enter Facebook Web Address
  4. You’ll enter the words you want to use as part of your Facebook web address in the field provided. Often, people have their URL match their page name. It is a good idea to include keywords that can be helpful in search (we are vs just but don’t make it so long and cumbersome that it’s hard to remember for you or for your customers and potential customers. Create Facebook Web Address

Then you’ll click to check availability. If it’s available, your new Facebook address is set. Anyone who clicks on your old address will be redirected. If your desired Facebook address is not available, you’ll return to the screen above and can try again.

Confirm New Facebook Web Address

Along with making it much easier for people to find your page using Facebook search and tagging your page in updates, having a Facebook web address is much easier for “traditional” marketing purposes like including it on a business card, receipt or other printed marketing materials.


  1. Anne Spalter

    i did all this but i still can’t tag my page ! very frustrating

    • The E R Team

      Hi Anne,

      I just gave it a try from my personal Profile. I typed it slow to give it a chance to autopopulate. And by the time I reached the end of @Browninterviews, your Page showed as one I could tag. Hopefully you’ve found success with this in the past few weeks.


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