Setting or Changing your Facebook Profile Username

All Facebook Profiles and Business Pages have a unique URL, also called Facebook Usernames for Profiles and Facebook Web Addresses for Business Pages.

For example, my Facebook Profile URL is:
Our Eli Rose Social Media Business Page URL is:

Let’s take a look at how to set up your Facebook Username.

Setting or Changing your Facebook Profile Username

Setting or Changing Facebook Profile Username

You can set your Facebook Web Address for your Business Page when you are building it or after you’ve had it for a while, too. You may remember choosing a Facebook Username for your personal profile at some point in the past, or perhaps one was set for you. Currently, both Business Pages and Profiles allow you to change your custom web address one time after it’s been set.

If you’re a solopreneur and have been using your profile for business purposes (which is against Facebook’s Terms of Service) or want to start using Facebook for your business for the first time, you may be in the situation of wanting to change your existing Facebook Username to something else to create some separation between your Personal Profile and your Facebook business presence.

For example, if I was a home builder and I was using my Facebook Profile only to promote my business, I may have set my Profile Username as LizJostesConstruction. But now I’ve decided I want to start a business page for my construction company. Not only would I prefer to have /LizJostesConstruction as my Business Page’s Web Address, I also don’t want to confuse potential customers who would likely find my personal profile before finding my business page due to having my first and last names in the customized Profile URL.

Enter: the ability to change your username.

How to Set or Change your Facebook Username

1. Start by clicking on the down arrow in the top right corner of the page. Choose Settings from the drop down menu.

Facebook Username Settings

2. Under General Account Settings, you’ll see the Username line. Click to Edit.

Current Facebook Username

3. Enter your desired username into the field provided. Facebook will let you know whether or not that username is available. Remember, once you set it for the first time, Facebook will let you change it once. You are also supposed to use your real name when setting this.

Facebook Username Not Available

4. Once you find a Facebook username that is available, click to save changes.

Facebook Username Available

5. At this point, your new username is applied to your Facebook profile and active!

If you have your old URL linked to your website or email signature, don’t worry. All existing Facebook profile links will be redirected to your new Facebook username.


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