SEO: Are You Thinking Like Your Customers?

My shower has a crack in the floor. This seems like a minor thing but it gets on my nerves. This is likely because I have the same issue I always seem to have with house repairs: I have no idea what to do.

Can my shower be patched? Do I call a handyman…a plumber? Do I need a whole new shower?

SEO: Are you thinking like your customers?

SEO: Are You Thinking Like Your Customers?

Well, often in this situation, you’ll find the answer is simple. You just need to know what material/brand/year shower you have…then it’s simple, right? My house is 22 years old. It’s had 5+ owners. I have absolutely no idea the answer to any of those questions.

Complaining aside, this situation always leads me to think about SEO. It’s possible that there are multiple professionals in my area who could easily help with my predicament. But how am I supposed to find them?

Let’s say a plumber could help me (bear with me, I’m just spitballing here). I might not be able to locate that plumber online if their SEO doesn’t point me towards them. If I’m searching for “patching shower” but there’s nothing on the plumber’s site that would make google think they patch showers, I’ll never find them.

So frequently when we talk to people about the keywords that describe their business, they think of the things that are obvious to them. In our plumbing example, they might say things like “plumber, plumbers, plumbing, pipes, and their location”. That’s great when people know everything a plumber does but that is often not the case. For instance, some plumbers may do commercial plumbing while others do residential. There may be different skill sets involved in either specialty and as a result, different types of jobs they will complete.

If you’re truly looking to reach all your potential customers, it can be helpful to instead make a list of all the types of jobs you’ll accept. Will you do shower repairs? Installations? Remodeling? Clogged drains, outside drains, pool drains….the potential list goes one. Even within a certain industry – like plumbing – each company will accept or turn down different jobs. As a result, you need customers who are looking for specific services you offer to be able to find you.

Some places to make sure that these services are easy to find is to include them in various places on your website. This includes:


Website Content

Blog Posts

If you want to reach all of the people who are looking for you but who may not even know they’re looking for you, you need to consider all the things you do that people may need help with. Make sure you can consider all the ways you can help them to locate you online.


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