So, You Wanna Start Blogging? Here’s What you Need to Know

We’re big believers in blogging for your business. Kristin and I have blogged for years (and years). We’ve seen first-hand the multiple benefits you get when you blog, and we also personally know what kind of work and dedication is takes to blog and to blog well.

In looking back through our archives, we’ve provided a lot of business blogging tips for those who are starting out, or trying to become more consistent with their blog posting schedule. It’s difficult to completely draw the line at where the topic of blogging begins and ends because writing about blogging is always going to naturally carry over into topics like SEO, content strategy, and social media strategy. But keeping realistic parameters in mind, here’s our personal round up of business blogging posts. They should serve as a great guide to help you on your blogging journey.

How to Blog Guide

How to Blog: A Guide

  • Once you’ve decided you want to get serious and blog for your business, start here.
  • When you get to the point of planning your blog post content, go here.
  • After bouncing around to other blogs and noticing some of the elements in their blog’s sidebar and footer, check this out.
  • Once you’ve dotted your Is and crossed your Ts, and you think you are ready to publish your first post, read this.
  • For when you are stuck trying to come up with new blog topics to write about, read this.
  • If you don’t think of yourself as a skilled writer and don’t know if you can pull off this “blogging thing”, read this.
  • When you’ve lost that (blogging) loving feeling and haven’t published on your business blog in 6 months, read this.
  • If you are scratching your head over how, exactly, blogging wins customers, read this.
  • When you are searching for a post-publishing blogging checklist, read this and this.
  • If you blog on WordPress, but want a static home page, read this.
  • When you feel like you write the same type of post all the time, read this for inspiration.
  • Wondering about a posting schedule? No problem! Read this.

And if you’d like to keep this How to Blog Guide for future reference, you can download it as a PDF by clicking here.

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  1. Pat

    Great way to summarize your blogging tips, Liz! Very useful guide and suggestions.



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