Business Blogging: How to Develop Topics

So, you’ve decided that blogging would be good for your business in the new year. You even wrote your first post! Then, you got really busy and forgot you had a blog. Now you know you need to write something but you have no idea what to write.

We can help.


4 Tips to Develop Business Blogging Topics

1) What Would People Google The best way to get topic ideas is to think about what words people might Google that could lead them to your business. For instance, if you own a wine store, you might write posts on how to pair wines or the ten best table wines for family parties. Of course, eventually you’ll feel like you’ve gone to that well too many times and it has run dry – so then you might write posts like “Does wine really burn off when using it to cook?“. You want to think about what your average customer might be looking for – and then write articles on that. There are an infinite number of ways someone can arrive at your site. These posts do even better when they have quality SEO.

2) Keep a List It can be really helpful to jot down topic ideas even if you don’t have time to write them immediately. This very post, in fact, is coming from a list of topics I keep for when I’ve got time to sit down and write. This makes it easier for me to optimize the time I have and not forget any of the stellar ideas I have.

3) Revisit Past Topics Often, you write on a topic only to find that in the span of time since you last wrote about it, things have changed. There are new recommendations or your services have adapted. Looking at past posts can give you some reminders on what has been updated and how you can reframe things for a brand new post.

4) How To Posts and Round-ups When all else fails, putting together a short “how to” post or a round-up of popular posts can be easy content ideas when you have a lull in your blogging schedule. If you own the aforementioned wine store, something as simple as “How to properly pour wine” should take little effort on your part (since you’re the expert), creates content to get potential customers to your site, and is amazing for SEO. (SEO and blogging really are best buddies). Similarly, round-ups of awesome content can be a great way to share your expertise with others while still maintaining your sanity.

If you’re still out of ideas, consider outsourcing your business blogging. This can give you strong content while sharing the workload. It can also be a great way to drive traffic to your website while you focus on the intricacies of running your business.

Do you have any other suggestions for managing your blog topics?


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