Facebook Business Manager was created with agencies in mind. Business Manager is used for Page and Ads management. You don’t have to be an agency to use Business Manager, and in fact, some people inadvertently find themselves and their Page suddenly converted to Business Manager, leaving them needing to figure out how to work inside Business Manager with warning.

This post will walk you through accepting an invitation to manage a Page that’s part of Business Manager as well as give you a brief look around the Business Manager interface.

Facebook Business Manager: Accepting an Invitation & an Intro

Important Notes about Facebook Business Manager

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between “Request Access” and “Add a Page” within Business Manager. In order for a Page owner to retain ownership and ultimate control over their Facebook Business Page, they need to either invite others to manage their Page or have others request access to their Page if the person helping to manage a Page is already using Business Manager. The “Add a Page” option is to add a Page you already own into Business Manager, and should not be used if you are trying to request access to a Page that’s not yours, simply to manage that Page in your Business Manager.

Request Access to Facebook Page in Business Manager


You would want to use “Add a Page” when you are setting up Business Manager for yourself to manage the Pages you personally own.

Setting up Business Manager and connecting others to help you manage your Page and Ads account the correct way means the business owners retains their ownership of their Facebook Page. I’ve seen this setup incorrectly when I’ve been brought in to an Ads account behind a previous agency. From the admin area of the Facebook Page, it showed that the old agency was the Page Owner instead of any of the people who actually owned that business. When this happens, the business owner cannot simply remove the agency from his Page; he needs to ask his former agency to go in and release his Page from their Business Manager account. This is an issue that doesn’t exist when using Ads Manager. 

Accepting an Invitation to Facebook Business Manager 

To start, you’ll receive an email invitation asking you to manage the Facebook Page using Business Manager.

Accept access to Business Manager

After clicking the Get Started button, you’ll receive confirmation you were given access and then be asked to verify who you are by logging in.




From the Home view of Business Manager, you’ll see the list of Pages you have access to. To manage the Page, click on the “Use Page” button. Your tab will refresh and you’ll be looking at that Business Page on Facebook. If you have traditionally managed Pages from Facebook.com as yourself and built ads in Ads Manager, you are used to seeing the blue bar along the top of the screen. When using Business Manager, everything that was blue is now grey.

Manage Facebook Page in Business Manager

To exit Business Manager, click on the drop down menu near the upper right corner.


To move deeper into Business Manager, click on “Business Settings” in the menu on the left sidebar. If you don’t see Business Settings in the list, first click on the icon with the 9 dots to reveal the full menu.

Business Manager Settings


You’ll see the horizontal navigation across the top that directs you to features like your Ads account and payment info. If you hover over the person icon on the left side, a vertical menu pops out revealing features like People, Pages, Ad Accounts, Pixels, etc.

Business Manager menu


Click on any of those tabs to manage the Page and access any of those features.

Accepting your Facebook Page into Business Manager

Although this post was written for folks who were be invited to work in Business Manager, I’ve been getting more and more questions about where to find the notification for your Business Page being move into Business Manager as well. Once your Facebook Page has been added to a Business Manager, you as the Page Admin will need to approve that request. To do so, you’ll need to visit your Facebook Business Page (not inside Business Manager, but as you would visit your Business Page before Business Manager was invented). Visit Settings –> Page Roles, and you’ll find the request that needs to be approved.

Once approved, you’ll see your new Business Manager showing as the Page Owner above the Admins of the Business Page.

Accept Business Page into Business Manager

Here’s how to move your Facebook Business Page and Ads account into Business Manager.

And here’s how to request access to a Facebook Business Page and Ads account using Business Manager.

What has your experience been using Business Manager?

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