Marketing in Your Off Season

It’s cold. It’s cold and lots of people want to stay home. They want to huddle inside, not go out, and (perhaps) eat a lot of chili. Because your customers and potential customers aren’t as likely to be browsing your store or inquiring about your services means it may be harder for your business to increase sales. This is especially true for businesses that are seasonal – like water parks or your local orchard.

Marketing Business in Off Season

4 Ways to Market your Business in your Off-Season

  1. Keep advertising People are still making plans, even if they’re at home dreaming of all the things they’ll get done once the weather improves. Something to look forward to when the weather warms up may be just the thing they need to get them through the winter. Remind them that warmer days are ahead and that when they arrive, you are a great location to visit. This means that once the weather warms up, your business will be top of mind. Advertising now can mean increased sales in your regular operating months. Take this slow time as an opportunity to generate demand down the road.
  2. Offer specials If people book your service now, you create demand and generate some revenue in naturally slow months. Booking reservations or offering classes now can give you cash in hand now and lock in a customer. Customers may also use this slow time to coordinate with friends to bring along; specials that encourage people to bring friends can be especially fruitful.
  3. Work ahead Running a business is hard. Take this slow time as an opportunity to catch up on projects you have a hard time managing when you’re busier. Write a bunch of blog posts and schedule them through your busy season so you don’t have to try to fit that in later on. 
  4. Get creative This is a great time to get creative and find new potential revenue streams that work with your business. Work on your merchandising. If you’ve got the space, offer classes that relate to your business. Look at partnerships that could make sense for your business and increase profits. 

When all else fails, take this time to rest. Running a business is hard and business owners should take care of themselves in order to push through the busier seasons. Huddle inside, stay warm and eat some chili yourself. And have some brownies too – why not?


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