Do you handle your own social media for your small business but could really use guidance and ongoing advice from a social media strategist on how to make the most of your efforts? Nestled between our full service social media management option and our a la carte social media platform training, you’ll find our social media coaching service. For some small businesses, it’s just the right amount of hands-on social media help, plus it includes content and strategy tips.

If you plan to keep your social media work in-house, it’s imperative that you learn the “best practices” for each platform you intend to use as well as how to generate content ideas and develop an integrated online marketing strategy. Our experienced social media managers will work with you, (virtually) side by side, as you learn how to effectively maximize your social media and online marketing presence. Our Social Media Coaching service lasts for 1 month, and is ideal for small businesses beginning their social media journey, or small business owners who have been managing their own social media for some time, and feel they need to refine what they are doing.

Social Media Coaching Service

Our social media coaching service spans 1 month and includes:

  • Assessment of your current social profiles and pages, with written recommendations for improvement
  • Tips on how to generate content ideas, including a list of places to look.
  • Advice on social media posts, including content, copy, image, call to action, post types, and engagement
  • A week-long sample social media content calendar specifically for your business to use as a template for future content planning.
  • After 4 weeks’ time, we’ll review and assess the previous month’s social media activity, and provide written feedback (4 weeks worth of Facebook updates, 1 week worth of Twitter updates, etc.).

Social Media Coaching Add-On Services

  • An audit of existing posts, updates and practices with written suggestions for improvement.

Our ultimate goal with our social media coaching service is to enable you to effectively utilize social media to grow your business and bottom line, and to increase your social media engagement levels across all active platforms.

Have a few questions or ready to get started? You can call us at 901-496-3902, email us at or complete the short form below.

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