One-on-One Social Media Coaching Service

Do you handle your own social media for your small business, and could really use ongoing guidance and advice from a seasoned, certified social media strategist on how to make the most of your efforts? Nestled between our full service social media management option and our a la carte social media platform training, you’ll find our one-on-one social media coaching service. For some small businesses, it’s just the right amount of guided social media help they need to tighten up their strategy, content, engagement techniques, and social media platform best practices training. Learn more about our five-step process to one-on-one social media coaching.

One-on-One Social Media Coaching

Partner with a Social Media Coach for Small Business Help

If you plan to keep your social media work in-house, it’s imperative that you learn the “best practices” for each platform you intend to use as well as how to generate content ideas and develop an integrated online marketing strategy. Our experienced social media managers will work with you, (virtually) side by side, as you learn how to effectively maximize your social media and online marketing presence. Our One-on-One Social Media Coaching service lasts for a few weeks to a few months (depending on how many platforms are incorporated and what degree of coaching work needs to be completed), and is just as ideal for small businesses beginning their social media journey as it is for small business owners who have been managing their own social media for some time, and feel they need to refine what they are doing.

Our One-on-One Social Media Coaching process moves in phases. Your specific coaching package will be tailored to your small business and its needs, and can incorporate any social media platform, social media advertising, and other marketing tools like your small business blog, video marketing, and email marketing.

  • Phase 1: Interview/questionnaire to learn more about where you are in your social media journey and establish goals for your presence and social media coaching
  • Phase 2: Creation of any social media profiles or accounts needed. Audit of existing profiles, branding, posts, and techniques being used, including written feedback.
  • Phase 3: {Completed collaboratively with client} Development of an overarching social media strategy and a sample, week-long content calendar that can be repeatedly reused in the future.
  • Phase 4: Tactical training on social media platform best practices, content creation and curation, and engagement techniques. This Phase will also focus on integrating all your social media work together as well as integrating it with the rest of your online marketing, to ensure it supports your overarching strategy and goals.
  • Phase 5: Taking all that you’ve learned plus your new social media strategy, you’ll spend the next month executing it on your own. Email support will be provided during this time. Once the month is complete, we’ll have a check-in phone call to discuss how things went and answer any remaining questions you have. 

Who is Right for One-on-One Social Media Coaching?

  • A small business owner who has the time and desire to learn about and manage their social media strategy on their own or with their small team
  • A small business just starting out with their online presence
  • A small business that has attempted to develop their own social media strategy and content plan, and feels like they aren’t maximizing what they are doing
  • A small business that wants to fill in the gaps with their current knowledge
  • A small business that wants all of their online marketing integrated, including branding, messaging and paid campaigns

Social Media Coaching Add-On Services

  • Social media profile build – If you need one or more social media accounts created for you, we can help.
  • Facebook ads training – If your social media strategy includes Facebook ads and you know you want to keep that task in-house, we can train you on how to run your own.
  • Facebook ads account audit – Want a seasoned eye to evaluate previous Facebook ads you’ve run – from copy to ad objective to targeting to images – and provide feedback and recommendations on ways to improve? That’s what our Facebook ads account audit service is all about.

Our ultimate goal with our one-on-one social media coaching service is to enable you and your team to confidently and effectively utilize social media to grow your business and bottom line.

Let us be your coach on your journey towards social media success! You can call us at 901-496-3902, email us at or complete the short form below.

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