Integrated Online Marketing Strategy Service Packages

Social media, websites, online stores, blogging, email marketing, paid ads…as if small business owners weren’t busy enough when the advent of the internet created new forms of marketing and advertising that they needed to add in to their regular marketing and advertising tasks. And because all of these online marketing tasks meant there needed to be new learning, processes, planning, and best practices, it also meant that social media, websites, and the like were often seen and treated as add-ons to what they were already doing to market their small business. Basically, online marketing initially turned into extra tasks that needed to be figured out and fit in to an already-overbooked schedule. For these reasons, we developed three integrated online marketing strategy packages aimed at assisting small business owners in effectively pulling together, strategizing, and executing all of their online marketing tasks to lead to beneficial results for their businesses.

Integrated Online Marketing Strategy Service Packages

Integrate All of your Small Business Online Marketing Tasks

To truly maximize your marketing and advertising, you need to develop an integrated marketing plan that pulls together all of your offline (or traditional) marketing and advertising, with everything you are doing online through your website, online store, blog, email newsletters, paid online ads, and social media. For those small businesses who sell primarily online, an integrated marketing strategy will look a little different than those who have a brick and mortar store. But the goal of achieving a single, cohesive marketing plan for your small business is that any and all marketing and advertising tools you are using, are integrated with one another and working in an organized, complementary, and effective way.

For years, we’ve worked with small business owners who took advantage of our a la carte training and strategy services. We’ve regularly worked with clients who wanted assistance such as:

  • Determining the right mix of online marketing tools for their business
  • Developing a strategy for ongoing or launch-based of Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads
  • Regular check-ins to get all of their online marketing questions answered, plus ongoing guidance on marketing and advertising campaigns being run
  • Training on a new-to-them social media platform, SEO, or Meta ads

We’ve also developed content plans and content calendars to help our clients design, schedule, and manage their day-to-day online marketing tasks.

3 Integrated Online Marketing Strategy Packages

Our Integrated Online Marketing Strategy services have been designed for small businesses who are ready to stop thinking about their social media and online marketing tasks as separate add-ons to the rest of the business, and putting these new tools to effective use for their small business. We work alongside small business owners who want hands-on help with both developing and implementing an integrated marketing strategy that maximizes the effectiveness of everything they are doing to market their business, and ensures that they are using the right tools and platforms, at the correct frequency and messaging, in a cohesive and complementary way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s all online or a mix of online and offline tactics. And it doesn’t matter if you are just getting started with marketing your small business online, or if you already have an online presence that you want to up-level. We have 3 integrated online marketing strategy service packages to choose from.

“From Scratch” Online Marketing Strategy

Designed for small businesses that want to get setup correctly and started off on the right foot with their online marketing. This online marketing strategy package will include determining what social media platforms and online marketing tactics are best for your business and the time you have to dedicate to them. It also will help you identify your content plan and overall marketing calendar.

What’s included in the From Scratch Online Marketing Strategy

  • Discovery session to learn more about your small business and products/services, your goals for your online marketing as well as for your business and sales, what hurdles you have to overcome to make your online marketing a success, the amount of time each day and week you have to dedicate to all of your marketing, and how many/which people on your work team will be executing some or all parts of your online marketing.
  • Determine which social media platforms and online marketing tactics (blogging, video, podcasting, email marketing, etc.) are best to utilize, and the recommended level of activity for each, and what needs to be established.
  • Determine the content mix, what type and how frequently content will be created for use in your marketing, sources for curated content, and who on your team will be responsible for each.
  • Setup and verify Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts for your website, online store, or blog.
  • Design processes and work flows for you and your team to efficiently and easily execute on the above tasks.
  • Create a week-long sample posting calendar to utilize as a template for future online marketing content planning and organization.

Post-implementation of your new integrated online marketing strategy includes 30, 60 and 90 day check-ins that will take place either on the phone or over email.

Add-on services:

“Leveling Up” Online Marketing Strategy

Our Leveling Up Online Marketing Strategy is ideal for established small businesses that have already been putting to use some online marketing tools and tactics. This integrated online marketing strategy option incorporates audits of your existing online properties, a review of your website analytics, and website SEO.

What’s included in the Leveling Up Online Marketing Strategy

  • ALL elements of the “From Scratch” package, plus…
    • An audit of all existing social media profiles
    • An audit of your website, online store, and/or blog
    • An audit of your Facebook ads account
    • A review of your Google Analytics account to identify your main sources of traffic and top pages
    • SEO work on 5 pages of your site
    • Assessment of any offline marketing and advertising.
    • Recommendations for how to best move forward with your online marketing strategy pending audit results, offline marketing and advertising activities, and the assessment of your goals
    • A plan for implementation of new strategies

Following implementation of your new online marketing strategy, we’ll have 30, 60 and 90 day check-ins that will take place either on the phone or over email.

Add-on services:

“Refine & Optimize” Online Marketing Strategy

Our Refine & Optimize Online Marketing Strategy is ideal for established small businesses that are searching for ways to tighten up their existing processes, and fine tune their online properties, voice, messaging, content mix, and SEO. This service package adds in competitive research, audience targeting and personalization help, Webmaster Tools analysis, and deeper SEO work.

What’s included in the Refine & Optimize Online Marketing Strategy

  • ALL elements of the “Leveling Up” package, plus…
    • Evaluate ways to personalize the customer experience and optimize your costs and results through targeting, custom audiences, email list segmentation, and in-store/offline experiences
    • Audit and/or original SEO work for 10 pages of your website or online store
    • Competitive research (up to 3 competitors)
    • Webmaster Tools account analysis and recommendations for website content optimization and untapped SEO opportunities

Following implementation of your new online marketing strategy, our 30, 60 and 90 day check-ins will take place either on the phone or over email.

All 3 integrated online marketing strategy service packages are long(er) term partnerships that span 3-6 months for completion of the full strategy development plus a 90 period that includes monthly check-ins to assess progress, answer questions that arise, and make any needed modifications.

If you are interested to learn more about any of these integrated online marketing strategy service packages, contact us via the form below for questions or to get started. Or, call us at 901-496-3902.

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    Well done, Liz. The business communities needed this explanation from Eli Rose. I hope they take advantage of your services. I know I will when needed!


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