How to Share a LinkedIn Recommendation

Savvy business owners who have built a LinkedIn page for their company have probably already added their company’s products or services to their company page, been posting updates to their company page, taken a peek at their follower statistics and uploaded a photo to their new company page header area. They’ve probably also already asked for recommendations of their products or services.

Now that you have recommendations, how can you showcase them?

Two Ways to Share a LinkedIn Recommendation

  1. Share the direct link to your recommendation on other social channels, your website or via email. When viewing your specific product or service page, recommendations given for that product or service are viewable below your product description. Simply copy and paste that direct URL and anyone who clicks on your link will be able to read about your product or service plus the recommendation(s) it received.
  2. Use LinkedIn’s built-in “Share” functionality. Click on the “Products” tab, then the “Share” link located on the specific update you want to share with your personal LinkedIn network. From there, a pop-up appears that lets you add text to your Share and choose to send it to Twitter or your groups, if you’d like. Once shared, you can see your update in the news stream on your LinkedIn home page.

Click on “Products”.


Click the “Share” link.


Add some text to your update, and then click to post.

Business owners are always wanting recommendations as social proof they have a solid product or service to offer. Utilize the built-in features of LinkedIn recommendations to both ask for and promote your business.


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