When my 14 Yr Old Babysitter is Better at Marketing than Most Businesses

marketing-101-soft-sell-techniques-for-businessesLeaving your children with someone is a harrowing experience… if you don’t trust them. I’m lucky enough to have a few babysitters I trust and one I adore.

The one I adore is 14 and lives down the block. My father is not thrilled that she’s 14 but takes comfort in the fact that her parents are two houses away in the event of an emergency.

There are 3 reasons why I adore this babysitter. And each reason on its own can serve as a “soft sell” marketing 101-type lesson for businesses of all sizes.

1. She is Direct
When I first met her, she came to our house with her mom to meet the new neighbors. She calmly stated her name and informed me she’s available to babysit and loves kids. I didn’t utilize her services immediately because at that time she was only 13 and I had an infant. Still, in a few months when I found myself in need of a sitter, I knew just who to turn to. When you work with potential customers you need to tell them who you are, how you can help them and where they can find you if they need you.

2. She sells by doing a great job
When we get home, our house is clean, the kids are in bed and she is diligently doing her homework or reading a book. She gives me a run down of everything that happened while I was gone. I never doubt that she took great care of my kids even though I wasn’t there to see it happen with my own eyes. If you want repeat customers and referrals, you need to do a complete and thorough job. The best way to market yourself is by putting your money where your mouth is and gaining your customers trust through stellar work.

3. She shows appreciation
When we went out a few days before Valentine’s Day, she showed up at the house with home baked treats for the boys. She truly didn’t need to do this; I’d have kept asking her to watch the kids no matter what. But that little extra touch made me feel great – and it’s something many businesses don’t take the time to do. Sending handwritten holiday cards, saying thank you and showing your customers how much you value them are invaluable soft sell marketing techniques.

My babysitter never makes me feel like she’s trying to sell to me. That’s exactly what makes it so effective. There are many ways to sell without “selling”.

How can your business improve its soft sell?

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  1. Kate Pantier

    Such a good one! Had to come read it again!


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