What to Do When You Are Out of Ideas

need-social-media-content-ideasI make no secret of the fact that I think consistency is key to a good social media presence. Sometimes though, it can be tough to come up with yet another social media post – especially when you’re trying not to be all promotional, all the time. Or, if you have a business that can be perceived as “boring”.

So what can you do to keep things fresh? Obviously, outsourcing social media is always an options. However, it may not always be the right choice for your brand. So, when you’re trying to keep things fresh, here are a few tactics to consider.

1. Local Events Many small business service a specific geographic region. Posting about upcoming events like local festivals, restaurants, museums and other events help to highlight your business as part of the local community. It also gives you the opportunity to serve as a local resource to your audience. Finally, it provides a chance for you to tag other local businesses in your updates and grow your community in that way as well.

2. Google Alerts Setting up a number of Google Alerts, or doing an occasional Google search, can help you to find news stories and other content that are related to your business. A clothing retailer may set up alerts for things like “current fashion trends” and other keyword searches. From there, you’ll get periodic emails sent directly to you on topics that may be good content for your various social media platforms.

3. Supplemental Products or Activities If you’re an insurance company, for example, you may occasionally post about home decor, landscaping, boating or other products and services that you insure. This can apply to your business because your audience uses these types of things and insures them through you. So, while you’re not directly posting about insurance, you can be posting about the types of things your customers turn to you for.

4. Charitable Endeavors Do you sponsor a youth soccer league? Are some of your employees participating in a walk to raise awareness for a cause? These are great things to post about. Not only do they provide you content but they allow the ability to showcase the “human” side of your business. People love to support businesses that support the community and do good for others.

5. Switch Content Types Are you struggling to find yet another fantastic picture to accompany your content? Try posing some questions to your audience to get them engaged instead. Have you run out of ways to highlight your products? Try featuring your employees instead so people can learn more about your business. If you’re always doing the same thing, it can be easy to run out of content. However, every business has many facets. Be sure you’re highlighting all of yours.

Even when you’re struggling to find content, finding new ways to position your business and highlight different parts of your company can be great ways to come up with fresh ideas.


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