If video is part of your social media content plan (and it should be!), you’re in luck because Facebook lets you build custom audiences of people who viewed your videos. You can create audiences of viewers from whichever videos you want, and of people who viewed for different amounts of time. Then when it comes to advertise a new video you made, you can select one of your custom video audiences for your ad.

Create a Facebook Custom Audience from your Videos

There are 3 types of videos you can add to your Facebook custom audiences:

How to Create a Facebook Custom Audience from your Videos

From your Ads Manager dashboard, click on the 3 lined icon in the top left corner. Click on Audiences. (If you don’t see Audiences from the drop down options, click on the “All Tools” link at the bottom to reveal the full menu.) 

Click on the blue Create Audience button, and then Custom Audience.

Create Custom FAcebook AUdience

From the Create an Audience pop-up, choose the Engagement on Facebook option. Facebook considers those who view your videos the form of engagement for the video post type.

Custom Facebook Audience by Engagement

Now you’ll be given the option to choose the type of engagement for your custom audience. Choose Video.

Now you are at the point of designing your video audience. You should create multiple video audiences based on different amounts of time/percentage of video watched. Your first selection to make when creating your custom video viewer audience is the amount of time your video(s) were viewed

Amount of time Facebook Video viewed

Give your video view audience a name. I like labeling it with the amount of time or percentage viewed, but it’s important to name it something that makes sense for you. If you get thousands of video views on any given Facebook video, you may want to name your view audience after that video itself, but keep in mind that your total count of video views includes all those people who “watched” for as little as 3 seconds (which equates to the amount of time it takes someone to scroll/thumb through their Facebook feed to see new content). If you want an audience of more engaged viewers and enough of them to build a decently-sized custom audience, you’ll likely need to pull them from multiple videos.

You also need to decide how many days in the past you want to go back with your audience. The more recent viewers, the better. But again that comes down to the number of views you get from your videos. To have a larger audience to advertise to, you may need to go the full 365 days out. Click on the Choose Videos link to select the video(s) you want to use for this custom audience.

Choose number of days included in video views audience

Select one or more videos to use to create your Facebook custom audience. Then click the blue Create Audience button. It takes some time for your new video custom audience to populate. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to check your audience size by visiting your Audience tab.

Select videos for Facebook custom video audience

Check size of video views audience

TIP: As you add more videos to your Facebook Page (either Live or by direct uploading a video file), you can edit your existing custom video audiences to add in those newer videos.

Your video views custom audiences can be used the same way as all your other custom audiences; just select the one you want to use when building your next ad.

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