9ish Ways to Distribute 1 Blog Post

Blogging is an incredibly valuable online marketing task, but it can take a fair bit of time. Of course, each new blog post provides all sorts of value simply be being on your site (especially if you optimize your blogs for search), but you want to make sure you are distributing your blog posts in as many ways as possible to allow them to do as much good for you as they can.

Let’s look at 9-ish ways to distribute each new blog post you publish to gain maximum exposure.

9 Ways to Distribute a Blog Post

9 Ways to Distribute 1 Blog Post 

  • Post it on your Facebook Page Yes, Facebook Business Page organic Reach is purposely down. But that doesn’t mean you should stop publishing links that drive traffic back to your website. Your blog posts make for excellent ads content, too.
  • Tweet it. Multiple times. Using multiple text teasers and different images. Missinglettr is excellent for this because it generates images and text teasers for you, then lets you set up when and to what social profiles you want each post variation to publish to.
  • Share it to your Google Plus page, LinkedIn Company Page, and LinkedIn Profile If there’s a platform you are on, make sure you post it there. Make sure to tailor the text of the post to your audience on that platform, though. Speaking of Google, your blog posts are perfect contenders for a Google Post on your Google My Business listing.
  • Pin it. But not before creating a Pinterest-sized image for it. Make sure to include a strong, keyword-rich pin description and use hashtags (Yes, hashtags work on Pinterest).
  • Post a photo on your Instagram account about the blog post, encouraging your followers to click the link in your bio to read it in full. Start using Linktree for your 1 Instagram bio link. Linktree gives you the ability to create a sort of mini landing page that houses all the links you could want. You can control which links from your site appear and the order they appear in. Make sure your new blog post is the link at the top of the page for maximum click throughs.
  • Create a video using Lumen 5. First, make the video in the default rectangular size so it works well on Facebook and LinkedIn. Then make a square crop of the video, keeping it to 1 minute in length, and post that on Instagram.
  • Go Live on Facebook discussing the things covered in your blog post. Once your Live video is over, comment on your Facebook Live post with a link to your blog post, and then pin that comment to that post’s thread so it’s easily accessible.
  • Export your Facebook Live video to your YouTube channel. In the YouTube video description area, make sure to include a link back to that blog post. Read more about optimizing YouTube video descriptions.
  • Use your blog post as email newsletter content. Why recreate the wheel if you don’t need to? You wrote new content that your newsletter subscribers will likely appreciate. To drive traffic back to your site, include an image from the blog post, an intro, and then a link back to that blog post for people to click on.

You put in the work it takes to blog. You might as well get as much goodness from each blog post as you possibly can.


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