12 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents

As you work to plan your social media content strategy, and you sort through what content you’ll create, what platforms and marketing tools you’ll use, and the nature of the curated and original content that will be posted to your brand accounts (thus representing your business), know that there are some general categories of content that work for nearly every industry. But to help provide some specific examples of these common categories of social media post content (and because I am personally passionate about real estate), let’s use real estate as a specific industry example and take a look at 12 social media content ideas that a real estate agent or broker could implement into their content strategy.

12 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents

12 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents

  • New listing Each time my real estate agent clients have a new listing hit the market, I publish a NEW LISTING post with a link to the property listing on the agent’s site. Seeing the words, “NEW LISTING”, at the start of the post tends to prompt action from users in the feed (and without advertising it).
  • Multi-photo post Every listed home has several photos that are published on the MLS in order to show off the property. Use those listing photos in a social media post where you upload multiple photos to a single post. This type of post is attractive to people who like to scroll through pictures in their feeds.
  • Listing video If you pay a photographer to take photos of your listings, the photographer may offer to include a video of those listing photos (often set to music and with your branding) as part of the deliverables provided to you. If not, you can easily make your own slideshow video of up to 10 listing photos using Facebook’s Photo Slideshow feature. After publishing, this slideshow video can be downloaded from your Facebook Business Page and uploaded to other social media platforms like a regular video file.
  • House Tour video Host people on their own virtual tour of a property as you walk them through the house you’ve listed while streaming live on one of your favorite social media platforms. This is a great way to get people excited to come tour your listing in person, and is also helpful to those who have a hard time understanding the flow of a house based solely on the listing photos.
  • Educational video There are a LOT of questions asked of real estate agents from clients who are buyers and sellers. Start recording a series of educational real estate videos to answer those many questions and to showcase yourself as a knowledgeable, experience agent or broker. Then use those videos on other platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and on your Google My Business listing.
  • Cross-promotional video While you are busy recording educational videos for yourself, consider reaching out to other professionals that touch the real estate process in some way, and interview them for additional original content. Think: mortgage broker, home inspector, and interior decorator. When you post your video, make sure to tag their business on every applicable social media platform to increase the shareability of your social media post.
  • Brag post To be used in moderation, yes. But the fact is that people hire agents that they trust can get the job done. Social media posts that show off accomplishments like recent closings or top ranking in your branch help build the trust factor with your potential clients.
  • Client reviews Much like the previous point, client reviews that you collect on Zillow, Realtor.com, Google, your Facebook Page, and through your brokerage’s review acquisition service can be turned into social media posts and added as part of your content mix.
  • Local area events and info Buyers and sellers want to hire an agent that’s “in the know” about the area and market. Posting this type of content to your social media profiles showcases your knowledge and awareness of the “pulse” of your city.
  • Personal photos When people work with a real estate agent to buy or sell a property, it’s typically a very personal relationship. People spend a lot of time side by side with their agent in meetings or touring homes, and are talking on the phone or texting with their agent in the evenings and on the weekends, too. The buyers or sellers are completing a transaction that is likely one of the largest financial transactions of their lives with the help of their agent, and choosing to buy or sell a property based on the needs of themselves and their families. Prospective buyers and sellers want to feel like they know, trust, and can get along with the agent they will hire, so taking and posting photos that share about your day to day can help facilitate that.
  • Open house events Create Facebook events on your Business Page and add Event posts to your Google My Business listing to promote upcoming Open Houses.
  • Real estate, home design, and DIY content One of the best things about real estate is that there’s no shortage of relevant content to share! Because you don’t want to be all promotional all of the time, you’ll want to identify other website, blogs, and social media accounts to curate content from. This can be articles and videos about anything real estate related including but not limited to the home buying or selling process, negotiating an offer, staging, curb appeal tips, worthwhile upgrades to your home, mortgages, closings, inspections, moving, backyard design, and more.

With a little bit of planning, you can build yourself a pretty robust social media content calendar that will serve you well and offer a diverse content mix. If your Facebook Business Page is your sole or primary social media channel, learn more about how to use different types of Facebook posts for your real estate business.


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