Real estate is one of my most favorite verticals to work in. Granted, HGTV is the *only* TV channel that I watch, but I genuinely feel like it’s an exciting time to be using social media to sell real estate.

I work with home builders as well as real estate agents. In my area, I see very few real estate agents and home builders using social media at all, and most of those who do aren’t executing it well.

The lack of poor execution by real estate agents and home builders, coupled with the fact that lots of people L-O-V-E touring homes for sale, means it’s a fabulous time to establish and grow your brand presence on your social media platforms of choice.

This blog post is going to highlight 6 specific types of Facebook posts that I use for my real estate and home builder clients to help them sell homes they have for sale.

Real Estate Facebook Post Examples

6 Facebook Post Types Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Use

  • The Basic Link Post To start with, let’s talk about the most straight-forward way to post about a home you have for sale. Copy and paste a link to your listing to a new Facebook post. Make sure to choose just 1 photo – the best photo you have for that listing – as the image that shows up for the link preview. If it’s not or if you have more than 1 image Facebook is suggesting to use, manually upload or choose the best single photo of that listing for your post before hitting the publish button. Make sure you customize the text that shows in large, bolded font immediately beneath your photo, too, as that area typically pulls in whatever default meta information is on that website page.
  • The Mass Photo Post Upload most if not all of your home listing’s photos to a new Facebook post, type up some text to go along with the listing and photos, and also include the link to your listing in that same text area. Different than a carousel post (see below), this Facebook post type is geared towards people who like to thumb through house pictures on their phones
  • The Carousel Photo Post – Depending on how your real estate website is coded, you may see that Facebook is pulling in 3 or 4 potential images for your house listing once you’ve pasted your link into a new post. If they are all photos that showcase the home well, use them all! If not, add more listing photos by clicking on the grey box with the + sign that shows next to the photo thumbnails.
  • The Slideshow Post – This is personally my favorite because it’s created 100% from still photos but it is treated by Facebook as a video (both for ads and as far as organic Facebook reach is concerned). Also cool: you can add background music to your slideshow post. You can include 3-10 images when making a Facebook slideshow post, so choose strategically. To start creating a Facebook slideshow post to highlight one of your property listings, check out my step-by-step post detailing how to create a slideshow Facebook post of your own. 
  • The Video post – Facebook prefers (and, in fact, favors) video files directly uploaded to its platform (vs sharing a link to a video that resides on YouTube). If you are too nervous to try a Facebook Live video, pre-record a video using your phone and upload that to a Facebook post. You can speak directly to your home buyers and sellers in your video, talking about your services, what makes you different, and answering their frequently asked real estate questions. 
  • Facebook Live – To maximize your Reach on your Facebook posts, go Live from either your Profile or your Page. In the complex Facebook algorithm Facebook Live videos are currently the most favored type of post. What should you go Live about? How about taking people on a walking tour of your new listing!

No matter what type of Facebook post you are using to market your listings, make sure that the text that accompanies the post includes the most attractive features of the property. Also, make sure you are checking your Page and Post Insights! Typically, people who click on a link in your Facebook post to view your real estate listing are not going to come back to that post and click the post ‘like’ button afterwards. So a post that has 4 or 5 post ‘likes’ might also have 40 or 50 (or dozens more) clicks on the listing link. Ultimately, you want people to visit those listing on your website, so don’t judge the success of a Facebook post on the number of ‘likes’.

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