Small Business Launch Services

You are an entrepreneur with a Big Idea, determination, and specialized knowledge. You can envision how your new small business start-up will come together, or how you’ll launch your first course or new book. Still, you are only one person and can’t possibly handle all the research, planning, marketing, and launch execution while still accomplishing all the work that needs to get done in order to turn your Big Idea into a thriving new business. That’s where we come in. Keep reading to learn about our small business launch service.

Small Business Launch Service

Small Business Launch Service

Eli | Rose Social Media, LLC specializes in helping entrepreneurs achieve their small business goals. We are more than just a social media company; our corporate marketing, online marketing, and business management experience can guide you through your new small business start-up process, help you to set and achieve your small business, online marketing, and social media goals, and develop a strong, consistent brand and web presence in order to become – and stay – competitive in the online marketplace.

Not All Small Business Launches are the Same

We know that there is more than 1 kind of business launch. You might be launching a new small business, you might have a course you are planning to open for enrollment for the first time, or you might be getting ready to publish a book. No matter the type of launch, we can help.

We also understand that going into your launch, the marketing assets you have to work with can vary widely. A client might already have a couple social media accounts, a website, an email list, and some Facebook ads history and pixel traffic to work with whereas another client may be starting from scratch on all the same points. We meet you where you are and work from there.

We will partner with you to build your total small business launch timeline, determine what assets you have to work with and what assets need to be created or enhanced to maximize your launch success, help you to identify what tasks should come first and what should be worked on in tandem, assign costs and employee responsibilities, and set realistic goals for your small business launch journey.

The business launch timeline will then be used as our guide for overall planning, timing, implementation, and ad spend. No two small business launch timelines look the same, and yours will be designed based on the nature of your launch, the weeks and months we have to work with, and your current or future marketing assets.

We Can Help with More than Just your Small Business Launch

What’s more is our full menu of small business services. We are your one-stop shop for small business social media and online marketing needs.

Our small business clients repeatedly tell us how flexible we are to work with, how comprehensive our services are, and how simply and clearly we convey our ideas and training. We gladly move along at your pace and work through your overall project in phases.

Our tagline – helping businesses grow online – is our main goal. Small business is our business. Contact us today for your free phone consultation and to learn more about how we can help launch your new business start-up.

Want to connect with a member of our team to discuss your needs or to learn how you can get started? You can call us at 901-496-3902, email us at, or complete the short form below.

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