5 Rules for Blogging


A great blog is one that effectively grows your customer base, drives website traffic and sales, and positions you as an expert in your field. Oftentimes, the details can make all the difference between something being “OK” and “great”. Here are 5 habits of highly effective bloggers.

5 Rules for Better Blogging

DO Publish new posts on a consistent day and time. Consistency is key. Your customers and readers want to know when to expect a new post from you. Much like you know what day and time you need to tune in for your favorite TV shows, you’ll grow your audience and website traffic much quicker with a regular posting schedule.

DON’T Write the same “type” of post each and every time. Sometimes a lengthy essay is necessary to properly convey your thoughts. But it can take a long time to write long posts, and your customers aren’t going to always want to read extensive articles. Don’t discount other types of posts like “Top 10” lists, Q&A’s and “How Tos” to keep your readers engaged.

DO Make it easy for others to share your blog posts to social media networks. Add a social sharing plugin to the bottom of your posts.

DON’T Ignore the benefits of mixed media. Photos and videos add visual interest, keep visitors on your site longer and add depth to your content. If you don’t have photos or videos of your own, embed a relevant YouTube video, use photo sites like Creative Commons and MorgueFile to locate images to use, or create your own image with a tool like Pinwords.

DO Interlink between blog posts. Adding links to older posts on your blog encourages readers and customers to visit more pages of your site. Linking to other posts or pages on your website also helps keep the length of your posts under control; instead of one massive 1,500 word post, make it a 3 part series.

What other blogging dos and don’ts do you have?

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  1. JDaniel4's Mom

    I am so excited. I do these. Mostly because you told me too a long time ago.


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